About Us

media.ashxHi , My name is Banny Bar, our small company is composed of 4 partners who work as a team in order to maximize the quality of the services we provide to our clients.

We are all certified Real Estate Brokers. Our language skills, back grounds, market knowledge, personalities and over 60 years accumulated real estate experience are what makes us different from any other real estate companies.

Our culture is a mix; European,Russian,African and Middle Eastern and we have oriental helpers as well when it’s needed.

We are fluent in: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Hebrew, Persian and Arabic.

We all have previous university degrees such as; B. of Sc. , Art, IT, Sociology and Accredited senior agent from Ontario.

We ourselves have been through divorce, bankruptcy, owning/opening various types of businesses and selling them, playing the stocks, having children and grand children who we’ve helped grow not only physically but also financially through real estate investments,

We’ve also experienced losing our loved ones and needing to sell their properties and assets and going through all the emotional , physical , mental and legal aspects that come along with such an event.

Being such a diverse group of well qualified individuals as well as having gone through many of the momentous occasions along with the difficulties that come with life, we are fully aware and prepared to meet the different types of our client’s needs and fully prepared to solve them due to our vast experience.

We also have all the niche contacts with lawyers, Notaries, Trustees, contractors, inspectors, mortgage and private lenders and over 15000 brokers in our international data base in order to facilitate any and all of the real estate transactions that our clients are involved with, let it be a relocation to Africa, US, any part of Canada, Europe or just down the street.

We have an almost 98% closing rate at our asking price and we always look at the best interest of our clients first and you do not have to take our word for it, as you are more than welcome to actually contact our previous clients and ask them about us

We also offer property management services, so if you are leaving for a year and are unsure over whether or not you wish to sell your property ,we will rent it for you and manage its upkeep and all you need to do is collect your profit.


We are one text, email or call away, at the choice of your language

(514) 967-1900